In 2015, two friends and business associates got together to discuss an idea that one of them, Michael Elias, had conceived.  Bob Begley saw the potential in the idea and together they formed Cubic Ad, LLC.
Bob Begley is the president of Cubic Ad and his experience comes from seventeen years as President of a NASDAQ public company and an equal number of years as a consultant and investor in multi-discipline businesses.
Michael Elias is Executive Vice-President of Cubic Ad and is a creative director.  He has run his advertising business for more than nine years.
Milad Elias is Vice-President Administration for Cubic Ad and his experience is art direction and administration for eight years working for national and international ad agencies.
Our Philosophy Is:
To make available to our advertising partners a creative, innovative and an inexpensive way of outdoor advertising to the market, adding an extra depth / dimension to any advertising campaign to reach the ultimate goal – More Selling!

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